Environmental Public Health Week

Message from National President, CIPHI

I hope you will join CIPHI in celebrating Environmental Public Health Week September 26 – 30th 2016 . This is a great opportunity to promote the important work done by Certified Public Health Inspectors (Canada) in partnership with other environmental and public health professionals. The theme of EPH Week is “ Innovation Beyond Inspection” which is also the theme of the CIPHI Annual Education Conference in Edmonton the same week.

Environmental Public Health Week recognizes the important work that Environmental Public Health Professionals across Canada carry out in our communities. These professionals include, Public Health Inspectors, Environmental Health Officers and others who work in allied environmental public health occupations. The week is also an opportunity to improve awareness of our profession within the public health family and amongst the general public.

This year’s theme is “Innovation Beyond Inspection”. The 21st Century has seen a shift in the typical role of Environmental Public Health. Environmental Public Health Professionals continue to be involved in the inspection, enforcement and education of a wide range of programs and services. They must also adapt to new environmental public health challenges. Modern day challenges now include the pressures of water scarcity, food security, and re-emergence of vaccine-preventable diseases. Constant change in industries, such as novel personal services, and innovations in food technology require a dynamic understanding of human health risk and public health promotion. In the past and today these professionals adapt to new challenges, making public health stronger in their communities.

Within the Canadian spectrum of health care, Environmental Public Health Professionals are an integral and important component. The opportunity for health begins where we live, work and play. Public health advances such as safer and healthier foods, control of infectious diseases, healthier environments and the recognition of tobacco use as a health hazard have contributed significantly to Canadians living longer. Environmental Public Health Professionals’ commitment and leadership in activities addressing the broad determinants of health has never been stronger.

In recognition of the important role Environmental Public Health Professionals have in protecting the health of the public, please join us by celebrating September 26 to 30, 2016 as Environmental Public Health Week within Nova Scotia.

– Ann Thomas National President, CIPHI

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