Environmental Public Health Week

Stay tuned for EPH week celebrations in NS and PEI; various events around the province(s) will be announced.

See this message from National President:

Welcome to Environmental Public Health Week September 25-29, 2017. The Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors (CIPHI) sponsors this annual event to recognize and celebrate the important contributions of Certified Public Health Inspectors (Canada) and other environmental public health professionals (EPHPs).

This year’s theme is “Honouring Traditions, Inspiring Innovation,” which acknowledges our traditional role in the environmental public health field, while highlighting the advances made in both procedures and technologies. It is important to recognize the significance of past public health practices and apply this knowledge to help shape the future of environmental public health.

The traditional mandate of CIPHI has included health promotion, responding to emerging threats to public health and the prevention and control of communicable and environmental disease. While this has not fundamentally changed, the profession continually faces new challenges in meeting these outcomes. These challenges have and will continue to require us to adapt our practices and embrace change. Never has it been more important as health professionals for CPHI(C)’s to pursue on-going professional development throughout their career.

I encourage all EPHPs to celebrate Environmental Public Health Week by taking a moment to reflect on your accomplishments and remind yourself and others how valuable and rewarding your experiences in this unique profession have been. Your work affects many aspects of life for Canadians. This includes the food we eat, water we drink, air we breathe, safe areas for children, and places where our families gather, live, play and learn. Communities across the country benefit greatly from the work completed by environmental public health professionals.

Thank you all for your ongoing enthusiasm and commitment. This is your week – enjoy!

Ann Thomas National President CIPHI

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