Reminder - PD Hours

Please see an email from National re: PD Hours for full details.

When is the deadline to enter my PD hours?

All PD hours for 2017 must be entered no later than January 31st 2018. Start early!

Where do I go to enter my PD hours?

  1. Visit to access the Member Service Centre (MSC).

  2. Under ‘Professional Development’ (left column), click ‘Log PD hours’.

Where do I find the document that explains the categories?

CPC Professional Development Model:

Use this version (June 2017) when entering hours!

‘Section 4: Minimum Requirements’ on page 6 explains PD hour requirements and categories.

CoPE is working on simplifying the categories. Once completed, a simplified ‘PD Hour Entry Tool’ reflecting all the changes will be provided on the MSC.

What if I am not practicing full time?

  1. Complete a ‘Declaration of Reduction of Professional Development’ form:

  1. Upload/attach the completed form to your professional practice entry on the MSC.

  2. Enter your minimum PD hour requirement by

January 31st of the following year*.

Questions? E-mail

Which Branch will have the highest percentage of members entering PD hours for 2017?

Top 3 Branches for 2016:

1. Manitoba

2. Saskatchewan

3. New Brunswick

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