2018 Environmental Public Health Week

Please see the following message from CIPHI National President:

This year’s theme is “The Path Forward,” which refers to emerging issues that Environmental Public Health practitioners across the country are becoming engaged in and how they can be effectively managed. An example of this is the legalization of cannabis and the impact this complex issue will ultimately have on the roles and responsibilities of Environmental Public Health programs across Canada. As professionals we need to be prepared to deal with a constantly changing landscape in the health sector. We need to build partnerships with employers to make the maintenance of continuing professional competencies mandatory, sustainable and meaningful. This not only supports Environmental Health Professionals in gaining the competencies essential to their role but allows them to take their place beside other recognized public health professionals.

I hope all EPHPs have an opportunity to celebrate Environmental Public Health Week if only by taking a moment to reflect on how truly important our work is to the well-being of Canadians everywhere. Each time a positive health outcome is achieved, on a grand or small scale, it is cause for celebration.

A special thank you to all members of CIPHI for your loyal support and the generous contributions of time and expertise that you commit to your professional organization. Enjoy your week!

Ann Thomas National President CIPHI


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