E-cigarette use: Susceptibility to Cigarette Smoking and Smoking Cessation Among Youth and Young Adu


Tuesday March 5, 2019

1-2-pm AST

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About the presentation: There is a growing concern that the historic reductions in tobacco consumption witnessed in past decades may be undermined by the rapid increase in e-cigarette use among youth. This presentation describes the potential risks of e-cigarette use, examining current evidence on vaping and its effectiveness as a cessation aid among young people, in addition to susceptibility to tobacco use among youth and young adults. The latest information on the prevalence of cigarette smoking and vaping among youth will be shared. Recent evidence syntheses, primary studies and original research on the association between non-cigarette smoking e-cigarette users and future intention to smoke cigarettes among Canadian youth will be presented. Research on the relationship between dual-use of e-cigarettes and smoking cessation for a population of Canadian young adult smokers will be examined. Implications for future research and policy will also be discussed.

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